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Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality


Today I’ll be expanding on the subject of manifestation. “What is Manifesting?”

Everyone is born with the ability to manifest anything they desire. The problem is that we are not taught this growing up. A lot of times we are told that things are not as easy as they seem and that if you want something, you must work very hard for it. While there is some truth to that because we must go after what we desire, we don’t necessarily need to suffer through the process of attaining that want.


Manifesting is intentionally creating what you want. Whatever you think about, you will manifest into your life. If you’re constantly thinking negative, then all you’ll manifest are negative experiences; and vice versa. This explains why we manifest many of the things we actually don’t want to manifest. The universe doesn't read lips, its feels energy.

If your energy is positive, you will attract more positive. If you fear not having enough money, you will attract less opportunities into your life. By remaining focused on what it is that you want, your greatest desires will come to life. Your mind is always thinking and manifesting something. But it’s up to you to take charge. 

Believe and you shall receive!


This is why it’s so important to understand the power of your mind and your manifestation power. Everything that happens in your life is a reflection of your inner self talk.

It’s obvious that not everything you think about always manifests. That is because the speed at which your thoughts manifest depend on how much resistance you have to their actual appearance in your reality. Resistance is the reason why no matter how much you want something, it doesn't manifest. Your resistance to that "want" doesn’t allow it. As you eliminate resistance, your desires manifest…sometimes manifesting instantly!

Assume the experience of what it is that you want before the reality even comes into form.


So now you know what manifestation is and you're ready to go back out into the world & manifest all your dreams!

Remember, just BELIEVE and you shall RECEIVE!


By Jenny Arzola

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