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The Best Letter to Santa Claus You’ll Ever Read

The Best Letter to Santa Claus You’ll Ever Read

Santa Baby,

I don’t know where or how to start. I don’t know what to say; Allow me to introduce myself first:

I’m sure I don’t need no introduction cause I’ve already paved the way, and if you didn't know, that’s what “TLC” says. So now you know, Santa, cause that’s what “Biggy” would’ve said.

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you, but I'm sure you still remember. Remember me, Jenny Arzola? That little girl that used to write you long letters full of things she wanted. That used to wait up all night long for you with the hopes to see you eating the cookies & milk I had left for you. I clearly remember those nights. They were magical! 


Although, I have to ask if you really liked those cookies I would leave you, cause you’ll never eat them all? Or the cow’s milk that would still be sitting there in the morning? Now a days, I wonder if you would’ve preferred Almond milk instead?

They say Santa Claus never forgets his children,  that he knows them all by memory. I’m sure my childhood memories still live inside of you, Santa. 

Today I write to you not as a child, but officially as an adult. An adult that refuses to let go of all the beautiful feelings your existence ignited inside of me. The wonderful memories you created in my childhood.


Santa, I believe it’s important that every child lives this experience. That every child generates the feelings of excitement and happiness that you bring to this world. Every parent should let their children dream until there’s no tomorrow. That is what’s dazzling about being a kid. The unimaginable imagination that our minds have. It’s imperative that every child on this earth believes in fantasies and that they know that all dreams do come true; And I think you are a perfect example of that.

You give liveliness to the dead. You bring joy to the saddest. You offer richness to the poorest. Santa, you bring magic to life and give life to the lifeless.


Today I write to you Santa, not to ask for much, but to say thank you. Thank you for all the joy you’ve brought to my life. Thank you for keeping the burning fire of hope lit inside me. Thank you for always responding to my letters & desires. 

Thank you Santa!

I also want to let you know that I do not expect any gifts from you this year. I’ve already received enough from God. 

2017 has been the most amazing year of my life. No offense, but I’ve received the best gift anyone could possibly give me, and that is the gift of LIFE!

I am expecting a Baby, Santa! 


Oh… And, I must confess it did not arrive how I always thought as a kid it would happen. It was not delivered by a stork. So yeah, maybe I was a little naughty this year, but in this case, it certainly paid off!

I am ecstatic that I’m creating a life inside of me; My body is doing lots of work. It really is fascinating to me how us women can grow tiny humans inside of us. 

It truly blows my mind!


Life is already extraordinary and now one thousand times more. That’s why the purpose of this letter is to say thank you, but to also only ask you for one thing & one thing only.

Please Santa, be there for my baby, the same way I’ll always be there for my precious blessing. I want you to be part of this baby’s joys and for you to contribute that same happiness you gave me as a child. Give this baby the opportunity to dream big. Not necessarily by spoiling my blessing with gifts, but by offering the gift faith & optimism. By gifting the essence of believing on the unreal, the unseen. By expanding this baby’s curiosity beyond belief.

Again, thank you Santa Claus! 

Thank you for giving liveliness to the dead. For bringing joy to the saddest. For offering richness to the poorest. Thank you Santa for bringing magic to life and giving life to the lifeless.

Now, as “Eartha Kitt" likes to say… 

Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight!


By Jenny Arzola

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