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A Letter To My Younger Self, Inspired by Oprah

A Letter To My Younger Self, Inspired by Oprah

I once heard Oprah say she likes to ask people, “What would you say to your younger self?”, adding that most people come to agree on one thing... 

“Relax. It’s going to be okay.” 

I couldn’t help but think, what would I say to a younger version of myself? But found myself coming up with nothing. Nothing to tell. 

Time has gracefully passed now & I find myself feeling an immense need for my voice to be heard. That’s why today, I shall attempt to write a letter directed to a younger version of myself. This letter will forever withhold the best advice my younger self will ever receive. These words will be imprinted as energy footprints in our soul, enlightening all of her experiences.

New beginnings always start as endings & endings always come with new beginnings:

“Dear Younger Self, 

I’m not sure how to introduce myself; I too, am Jenny. I am your future self! Well, not really ‘future’ because we exist simultaneously, just in different dimensions. I write just before you’re faced with the need to meet the struggles of life. My purpose is to wake you up! Not necessarily wake you up from those crazy little dreams your head comes up with, but from the reality of life. Know that your dreams are anything but crazy and you will accomplish them in no time! Keep in mind that everything happens in its ‘divine’ time.

My life has been full of obstacles, some easier than others, but they’ve all taught me a lesson. With these lessons came an enormous amount of growth in a short period of time. Not only physically and mentally, but also energetically. I now represent the energy of love & light. I’ve sharpened my skills and utilized my strengths in order to manifest the reality of my dreams. I aim to exist in the vibration of joy. You as well, can achieve this. We all can, our skills just need to be honed!

Life’s all about how you choose to see it. There will always be a duality and you are in control of your own actions. Think of yourself as the driver of your life, whom never lets go of the steering wheel. Yes! It will sometimes feel like you’ve lost control and all you’ll really want to do is give up & cry. That’s okay, cry. Know that we are all here to experience this complexity. If you become fully aware of your pains, you are able to manipulate them into growth. That’s when the unfolding of your path starts materializing. Life is a forever evolving experience and our soul is constantly learning & expanding. Enjoy the moment, give it all you’ve got!

Now let’s talk about beauty, hatred and self-empowerment. Allow your self-love game to be strong! You Are Beautiful! Apprehend this and you’ll never find the need to compare your body image to the ‘beauty standards’ of society. Those are society’s standards, not yours. I encourage you to think for yourself & find your own! Accept your uniqueness, love your weaknesses and never allow others to deter you from your own happiness; nor from being your authentic self!  

Don’t under estimate my words, you will soon discover the psychology of these mind games. You’ll notice others digging deeper into their negativity, mostly acting out of their own traumas & self-doubts. They are holding onto anger, insecurities & fears that lead them to be jealous, envious and/or reactive. These types of individuals run on societal influences, abiding by it’s standards. They’re blindly attached to layers of negativity, impulsing them to act in ways they would’ve never imagined.

It’s okay dear, do not fear. Karma is real! You see… We are energy! Energy that attracts more of that which it radiates. No matter what, life takes care of everyone, including you! People’s actions towards you is nothing but a mirror of their emotions, knowledge of self and lack of confidence in their self-beliefs. I like to see this as a universal way of human beings unconsciously begging for help.

If you take the time to understand your own beliefs, you’ll stay true to yourself. You will also start seeing others for who they really are, not for what you think you lack. Let there be no judgments. Understand we are all in this together. We are all here to learn. We are the same. We are human beings sharing this beautiful planet we call Earth!

Always remember to never look back and don’t doubt yourself. What may now be criticized as delusions by some, can be worshiped by others one day. Always believe in your abilities to succeed. Accept yourself and Love, Love yourself!

You can rest assured everything’s going to be okay.


Your Future Self.”

New beginnings always start as endings & endings always come with new beginnings.

Feels like a lot was said, yet like even more still left to be learned. One thing I did learn for sure was that Oprah was right! 

Now it’s your turn...

What would YOU say to your younger self?

By Jenny Arzola

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