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My REIKI Experience with Melissa Aluna Solano | PART 1; The Interview

My REIKI Experience with Melissa Aluna Solano | PART 1; The Interview

You may ask, “What is reiki? How does it benefit me? Why should I even look into it?”.

Well, I’m not here to give you a lecture, nor to force upon you anything unwanted. What I am here for is to expand your mind to the next level & make you believe in magic again. 

Now, you may ask, “So reiki is magic?”.

My answer to that is no. Reiki is not magic. Reiki is real life stuff. I’m not saying that magic is not real, what I am saying is that reiki is kind of like magic, but as real & legit as the oxygen we breath. Invisible but there! Unseen but exsisting!

So what is reiki? Reiki is a Japanese technique that targets stress reduction, induces relaxation, and advocates healing. There is an unseen life force energy that flows through all of us and it’s what seems to be keeping us alive. The higher your life force energy is, the more positivity you'll radiate, attracting good things into your life. This life force energy helps you with maintaining the flow of happiness and good health in your life. If you’re body is running low on life force energy, your chances of getting sick or feeling stressed are bigger.

Reiki is not a dogma. Nor is it a religion. Reiki is practiced with pure & good intentions, in order to raise one’s vibration and aid with our spiritual and/or physical healing.

When the experience to have reiki done me for the first time knocked on my door, I was nervous, but decided to go for it because I had nothing to loose, yet lots of positives to gain. I am always open to new experiences & I make sure to keep an open mind, while questioning EVERYTHING in existence.

My experience with reiki has been solely a very positive one. It reenergizes me and makes me feel amazing every time! This is why I decided to share my own personal reiki experience with the world, on my YouTube Channel.

You’ll find the video below of my private reiki session with a dear friend of mine, Melissa Aluna Solano. I was honored when Melissa accepted my invitation to do a reiki healing session for my channel. She is a Life Strategist, Energy Alchemist, Visionary Speaker, Deliberate Creator, Psychologist and Reiki Practitioner. 

She took me through such an interesting journey during our energy healing session & she is so knowledgeable, that I was left with no other option but to split my experience into two parts. 

Stay tuned for the second part of this video, where Melissa will show us a step-by-step guide as to how she practices Reiki on her clients, plus some personal details about my own private session with her!

If you'd like to find out more about Melissa & her work, Here's her info:


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