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When You Think You’ve Lost It All, But It’s Really Only The Beginning Of Something Wonderful

When You Think You’ve Lost It All, But It’s Really Only The Beginning Of Something Wonderful

Right when you’re considering giving up because you think you have given it all you’ve got, something magical happens that fuels your passion in life again with enthusiasm & excitement, bringing you more drive than ever before.

This is my story; The story of a dreamer.

When I was a little girl I used to dream about making the unreal possible. I believed in fantasies, I talked to my angels every night. I never had an invisible friend though. I was too busy exploring the depths of my own soul, getting to know whom I really was. But, somehow, somewhere, this little girl got lost in the process we call “life”.

This girl was born with an innate ability to adapt, expand & to always trust in destiny. She grew up to be a youngster fired with a strong desire for authenticity and with an unlimited passion to live, love and most importantly to enjoy life to its fullest!

My soul came into this experience understanding that I will go through some intense challenges, but like everything else, it was much easier said & understood than done. My physical experience has not been an easy journey, one which I am extremely proud of. Nothing has been handed to me easily and I'm fine with that because all has been deserved. 

We are all born with the gift of self-compassion and understanding. But unfortunately, the majority of human beings just like myself, get lost in the journey to adulthood. They find themselves eventually giving in to the pressures society puts in our minds, shattering all hopes & illusions that one is born with. This God given gift is open & available to everyone, young and old, but it's only up to us to develop it. 

It saddens me to know that we live in a world where the "system" is set up to go against the natural currents of life. You see, our universe is all about vibration. Yet, we are taught to unceasingly struggle, always flowing against our wants. We are constantly reminded how life isn't easy and that we must work hard to get to where we want to be. Although I have to agree that persistence is key when achieving your goals, human beings are never really taught the true power of our minds. No one ever emphasizes the importance of having faith, staying positive and believing in yourself, your potential & your journey during the most difficult moments in our lives. 

I myself recently got to a point in life where as much as I hustled, worked extra hard & was always out looking for new opportunities, I was still seeing no results, nor a way out. I was slowly, unknowingly drowning in our societal standards and pressures. Those pressure that tell you that you must have your life all figured out by a certain age. If not, you're a looser and if your "thing" hasn't worked out by now, then you should "start looking into something else". In other words, just give up. 

And to think that I almost did...

I struggled a lot with my own mind. I found it hard to hold on to my faith through times of desperateness and despair. It's been tough, I'm not going to lie. I had moments of intense emotions where I completely lost sight of what I truly wanted. I saw no way out. I thought life was against me. Which in reality I was going against life. I was slowly loosing hope, but I managed to clasp strongly onto faith, divine timing & God. That combination is what kept me alive. I was ready to turn my back on what I love doing the most. I was ready to quit fighting for my dreams. I felt like that little girl that once lived inside me full of hopes and dreams was slowly but surely fading away. I tried everything, I had looked everywhere and I was ready. Ready to give in to whom society wanted me to be. 

Till one day... When it all changed. 

Two weeks ago, I was the Jenny the world wanted me to be. Today, I am who I want to be. All my perseverance, hard work, struggles & faith has brought me exactly to where I want. God has finally shinned a bright light upon me. I can finally see what many like to call "the light at the end of the tunnel” and all it took was one phone call, one out of the blue miracle, in it’s divine timing & my life has forever changed!


With my story, I am hoping to bring peace of knowingness that God is great and that he has a plan for all of us. God is our universe, our universe is God. We are all extensions of our universe. Therefore, we are God.

My past has taught me to just take a step back and keep the faith. I now allow myself to experience growth through failures because I’ve understood that pain teaches us important lessons needed to grow in life. That without many of my let downs, disappointments and my daily questionings, I wouldn't have accomplished any of what I'm extremely proud of today. I can honestly say that all the tears I’ve shed & all the no’s I have heard, has been finally worth it because at the end I’ve been rewarded well! 

I hope that my personal story reaches those in desperate need of that light at the end of the tunnel. I know how hard it could get sometimes when you have given it all you've got, though life still feels like a constant punishment. Hang in there! Don't give up just yet! When I was almost, almost ready to give up, the universe put what I most wanted in front of me without me having to do much for it. So don't stress it, because God, our Universe, runs in divine timing and knows how much more you've got! 

Keep in mind that right when you think you’ve lost it all, it’s really only the beginning of something wonderful. 

Never, ever, EVER give up!

By Jenny Arzola

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