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LoveMaking During Pregnancy

LoveMaking During Pregnancy


Today this awake mama wants to discuss a very sensitive subject…

Lovemaking during pregnancy; To do or not to do?

This is a topic that not everyone is open to diving into, yet it’s one of the most natural processes of life. It’s how we’re all conceived!

So, should you have sex while pregnant?


The answer is…YES, you should totally do it!

If you're having a healthy pregnancy, then it is completely safe to have sex with your partner when pregnant. The body works in mysterious & perfect ways. The thick mucus plug that seals your cervix helps protect the baby against any infections. Plus, the amniotic sac and the muscles of your uterus also aids with keeping your baby safe.

Being intimate during pregnancy is completely, 100% safe, as long you talk to your doctor or midwife and they give you the green light.


For those of you who are a little too concerned about some of the aspects, either if you’re a pregnant woman, or a man reading this and your woman is pregnant; No, your baby does not feel anything at all when making love. Not even if you are the biggest and most blessed man on this earth! 


Babies actually enjoy when their parents are having fun because all they feel is that they’re being rocked to sleep. It works out perfect for the offspring and it's convenient for it's creators.

Sex is not necessary in a relationship but in my opinion, it’s one of the most crucial factors because thats how couples connect.

It’s important for the baby that the mother & father stay affectionate all throughout pregnancy, even afterwards. It is imperative that the intimacy which created your fetus to begin with, still remains.


Making love during pregnancy can offer a number of health benefits.

The increased blood flow intensifies your sexual desires, improving orgasms. Not to mention it can help burn some calories too! It improves sleep, boosts immunity & happiness and your overall connection with your partner. Having sex while pregnant can trigger the release of oxytocin, which is the hormone that assists with contractions. Semen can also cooperate with the softening of your cervix, better preparing it for when labor starts.

So many benefits, so little time… 


Have fun with it!


If you're not in the mood, then that’s perfectly fine. But remember that this beautiful act made this wonderful baby in the first place. So why not keep doing it? Why not keep having it? Why not keep enjoying it while you can? And you sure can.

So go ahead, go on now!




If you're interested in learning more, I'd like to recommend a great read. It's an amazing & informational book that talks about lovemaking & strengthens relationships.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor; this is based on my experiences and from doing my own research. Speak with your doctor or midwife first, before making any decisions on your own or by listening to me.


By Jenny Arzola

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