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Mom Hack: How To Remove Rust From Countertops

Mom Hack: How To Remove Rust From Countertops

A few weeks ago I felt so inspired to reorganize my home, that little did I know my inspiration will manifest the ugliest rust stain on my bathroom’s countertop.


I decided to put a candle that hadn't been used in years on top of the countertop to “decorate it” but also so it can finally be used instead of just throwing it away.

I found myself still throwing it in the trash brand new.


I initially tried finding out with family members on how to remove this stain but was told that “it would never come off”.


I thought… Worrying about what our landlord would say when our lease is up.

So I decided to put the internet to the test (lol) and did some research on how to completely remove the rust stain from the countertop.

  • Here’s what you’ll need:



-Towel, Dish Scrub or Paper Towel

  • Preparation:

-Cut the lemon & squeeze into a small bowl.

-Add baking soda.

-It’ll foam. Wait for the foam to come down a bit. Add more baking soda if needed.

-Stir and mix well.


Now simply add the mix on top of the stain and let it sit there for about 15-30 minutes, depending on how stained your countertop is.


Then proceed to scrubbing it off.




Problem solved!

This process worked great for me, so I really wanted to share it in case you go through this same rusty headache one day.

It’s quick, easy & effective!

Good Luck!

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