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A Magical First Birthday

A Magical First Birthday

Have you heard the saying, “time flies”? Well, I totally get it now.

We have a ONE year old!

Motherhood for me, has been the most amazing feeling in the world. I love every single aspect of it. It is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life, yet THE MOST REWARDING ONE! I am in love with being a mother; My daughter is everything to me.

I’m sure if you’re a mom, you understand. It’s just like… Wow, my body birthed this beautiful little creature that mimics everything I do & I get to teach her how to be a light to the world.

Kamilah is amazing. She is smart, sweet and so sharp. She’s quick & witty; She’s a charming little human!


It might sound funny, but ever since she turned one, which was only a few days ago, she has been acting like she’s older. It’s incredible to see her grow and learn everything so fast. To observe the world through her eyes is like exploring the unknown universe that’s out there. With her every move, I am able to see a perspective which I had never noticed before. She gives my life meaning & a bigger purpose. 

There are so many great things I can tell you about how I feel when it comes to my daughter, Kamilah, and motherhood, that this conversation will be endless. If you’re a mother, you already know. And if you’re not a parent yet, then you will understand one day. But overall, it’s the most gratifying and marvelous feeling a human being can ever feel. It’s better than anything you’ve experienced before; It’s a love you’ll never understand until you have your own.

I’m proud to say that mommy & daddy already have a One Year Old daughter! Her first birthday was so magical. It was all planned and put together by me, so it was nice to see everything come together so nicely. 

Kamilah’s birthday party was a day before Mother’s Day. So we had a whole weekend of celebration.


To the mother’s out there, I hope you had a great Mother’s Day full of loving people around you!

To the rest of you, Thank you for stopping by here today.


Have a lovely day! 

Xoxo 💋 

Jenny Arzola

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