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A Day At The Marlins Game

A Day At The Marlins Game

We had a blast this past Sunday at the Marlins Game!

It was our first time taking Kamilah and it was such a beautiful experience, especially for daddy. :-)


The day was filled with a lot of first time moments, happy emotions, tons of dancing and surrounded by great friends. 

It was a memorable day for mom & dad with Kamilah. Enrique was so excited to experience Kamilah’s first baseball game with her! Plus we went with one of daddy’s best friend from childhood, Amird, his parents & his daughter, Amirie. 

Can I just say how much Kamilah loved being there with Amirie?! They were the cutest thing together!

Oh, I completely forgot to mention that the Marlins played against the Mets. And WE, the Marlins, WON!


(Sorry Mets fans, it happens.. ;-) 

When we arrived, they were handing out baseball gloves to all the kids. So Kamilah got one and it’s actually very nice! We also got to take pictures with the Marlins mascot, Elmo & the Cookie Monster! Last but not least, the coolest thing was being able to run the bases with Kamilah at the end of the game. That was soooo much fun!


Overall, it was a beautiful, amazing day. Enrique, Kamilah, our friends & I had a blast. We can’t wait to do it again!

Oh… Talking about first time moments, Kamilah also tripped and got her first scrape on her knee. She’s such a big girl, she didn’t even cry. She just kept on doing her thing. I honestly think it hurt mom & dad more than her. Can you relate?! haha..


Have a lovely day my friends!

Xoxo 💋 

Jenny Arzola

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