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Fun Day: 'Storytime' At The Library

Fun Day: 'Storytime' At The Library

Hey, I hope you’re having a marvelous day!

I recently gave you some great ideas of things to do with your kids for free. I went ahead and made some time to experience one of these myself with my daughter.

And oh, it was so much fun!

I took Kamilah to the library the other day & we made some beautiful memories together. We went to a public library around where we live for some story time, dancing & playing.

Of course the last thing Kamilah did was sit down and enjoy the wonderful stories the library’s staff read to all kids that showed up that day. She wasn’t the only one; They welcome kids of all ages & they’re free to roam around.

She enjoyed herself very much!

We listened to two interesting stories, danced in-between them, played with other kids and lastly, we enjoyed some time in the sun afterwards.

Storytime at the library was a blast (it was a cool experience even for me). It lasted about an hour, so right after I took her next door to a park that has a nice playground for kids.

This was a day that will forever be remembered! (We must repeat again SOON!)

Hope this inspires you to go out and spend some nice, quality time with your family. Life is only as precious as you make it to be!


Xoxo 💋 

Jenny Arzola

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