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Mama of The Week: Meet Laura from Haus of Laura

Mama of The Week: Meet Laura from Haus of Laura

There are a few people in your life that you barely even know but you feel an incredible connection with.

Our mama of the week is exactly that. Someone I hardly know but have so much appreciation for. Just like myself, she's a stay at home, dedicated mompreneur that not only takes great care of her two beautiful daughters but also confidently slays in all she does.

She likes to describe herself as a spontaneous, fun to be around, comical, thoughtful, friendly and cordial momma.

"You know; good heated with a good head on her shoulders kind of gal!"

Meet Laura from "Haus of Laura"!


You have two beautiful daughters! How old are they? What are their names? 

Thank you! Camila is 6, Valentina is 3.

How does it feel to be a mom of two girls?

It’s honestly magical. I have a lot of fun with them. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, my dad and a few friends told me they didn’t really see me with a boy. I’ve always been the “girly girl” (with one hell of an alter ego but that’s for another discussion) and so being a girl mom to me, really is FUN. Playing dress up will never get old! It can be stressful, lol but fun nonetheless!

Do they get along well regardless of the small age gap between them?

I mean….it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t brutally honest- they fight like a mother***er! I would say your typical sibling rivalry. They’re fighting one minute and hugging the next!

What activities are you and your kids into right now?

Right now, Camila is super into dance! She’s a Company member for SJ Dance Co. Not sure if this is really considered an activity but, I’m really into the gym. I get to stop everything for a little in the mornings and focus on me. Valentina is really into eating! LOL! She loves to play dress up!


Your oldest daughter is into dance. Was dancing a passion she had since she was younger?

Yes…she started dancing at age 3. I always saw her very artistic (to say the least) and decided to try it out as something recreational for her. Turns out she’s very passionate about it and takes it a lot more serious than I anticipated! Lol

What’s your youngest daughter's favorite thing to do? Does she like to dance too?

Right now, Valentina is a free bird! Lol, She does what she wants. It’s her world and we just live in it! She tends to dance at times but for the most part, it’s to emulate her sister. Only time will tell….

What’s the one thing you would have done differently so far with your kids?

I can honestly say I can’t think of anything. I am in NO WAY, shape or form perfect but up until now, I have no parenting regrets. Then again, I’ve only been doing this for 6 years. I would HOPE I didn’t f**k up so soon! Lol

Are your daughters into Disney? Who are their favorite princesses?

Ironically enough, Valentina-the demon child is actually the one who LOVES princesses! She loves Belle and Moana. I’ve only taken them to Disney TWICE and honestly, you’d probably have to pay me to go back any time soon. It’s too fuckin hot, children crying everywhere (probably BECAUSE of the damn heat) long lines and overfuckingrown Minnie mouse fans everywhere. Sorry- that probably sparked a feud between my adult Disney fan friends.

I see you love fashion. Do you have this in common with your daughters? How fun is it to dress them up?

YES! We all LOVE dressing up! As I mentioned before, lol it can be STRESSFUL sometimes but it’s really fun for me! I loveeee color coordinating with them, doing their hair and accessorizing them! They’re my real life baby dolls!


In what ways do you think they’re like you? And not like you?

Hmm…Camila is very sweet and thoughtful. She will genuinely throw compliments to both children and adults even if she doesn’t know them. Things like “I love your shoes” & “You look beautiful today!” That- she gets from me. She is however, VERY sentimental. I have trouble when she cries/complains about kids being rude or mean to her because I just want to f**k them up for her! I have more of a thick skin in that sense. Then there’s Valentina. My wild child. She’s…well…plain rude sometimes! Lol FOR SURE- not like me. She’s not the child you can force to say hello to anyone. If she doesn’t want to, she just won’t! That girl is a STRONG one. She’s also HILARIOUS. I’d like to think she gets that from me! Lmao although her dad would probably disagree. Her sense of humor is one of a kind!

What’s a typical day in your life with two kids?

Besides waking up, showering, feeding etc.? HELL on earth! (I kid) It’s nonstop. Valentina isn’t in school yet so just imagine doing everything with a big ass 3 year old who still wants to be held on my hip. School drop off, gym, errands, cooking, cleaning, school pickup, homework, eat, dance, come back- house shit in between, dance pickup, eat, bathe, sleep repeat. I’m pretty sure I left a bunch of shit out!

What is the best part about being a mother?

The amount of love I get in return. It sounds so cliché but it truly is the most rewarding part! The way those girls look at me, the things they say at random moments. The way they ask for me if it’s been over an hour without seeing me. Knowing someone will always be excited to see you and need you as much as you need them in return.’s the best man.

Define a mother’s love in one sentence.

I can define it in one WORD my friend: UNCONDITIONAL. It’s not limited or restricted. A mother’s love knows no boundaries. (Wait-that itself was a sentence huh? Lol)

What difficulties have you faced in managing a home and children?

What difficulties HAVENT I faced should be the question! Lol So much shit comes into play when you have children in the home. Whether it’s fighting with their dad, accepting your house is now full of obnoxious toys, not having the energy to cook certain days, or having to keep a smile at all times even if you’re dying inside are all part of managing both at the same time.


What was the hardest part of having a toddler & a baby at the same time?

The hardest part was knowing how to balance the attention I gave to each. I had to split myself into 3 for a long time. The third being Camilo. You want everyone to get the same, if not a better version of you while you get…well, you get the complaints. haha

What is the biggest thing you want to do for your children?

Damn girl- you dug deep with these questions! Lol Let’s see…

I want to show them a life with genuine love. Keep the fancy shit…the shit that money can buy. You know, the big fancy houses, cars etc. I want to give them a life where happiness comes from within. I want them to look back at their life and smile. I want them to be fearless and ambitious. To know that even though having a sidekick is nice, they can conquer the world alone if they have to. I guess the biggest thing I want to do for them is instill self-assurance.

What three habits do you want to see in your children as they grow up?

I want to see faith, good manners, and strong family bonding!

Can you write some words of encouragement for other moms who feel like they have no clue about motherhood/ what they’re doing?!

Stop stressing! Nobody is doing it “right” because there is no perfect way to do it. Some of us just hide it better than others. Lol If you feel like you really have no idea what you’re doing, reach out for help! It’s ALWAYS ok to ask for help! Reach out to someone who inspires you for advice. Whether it’s a personal friend, una abuela or someone you follow on Instagram. I’ve learned as a mom that sometimes you really do just have to vent for a little. We spend so much time listening to everyone else that our own voice gets lost in the midst of it all. Take some time for yourself and I promise the rest will follow!

XoXo -L

Thank you, Laura!


Can we just take a moment to acknowledge this mom's realness and her amazing sense of humor?

Laura is such an inspirational momma! I cannot wait to keep learning from all her shared experiences & raw motherhood moments.

Thank you, Laura, for sharing the craziness of mom life & for being so real with us. Thanks for allowing us to get a closer look at how you juggle a home, parenting and living a healthy life. I love seeing others succeed in life & you're doing just that. It's always great to see other moms showcasing the reality of motherhood; It's beautiful & rewarding, but also very hectic!


If you’re interested in finding out more about Laura, feel free to check out her blog

She also just launched "Casa Laura". Check it out!

"A place where one of a kind items have been hand selected to keep you fun and bold!"

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram! @hausoflaura_


Xoxo 💋 

Jenny Arzola

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