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A Fun Family Day At Pinto's Farm

A Fun Family Day At Pinto's Farm

It was such a beautiful day this past Sunday, that a sunny blue sky was all my family & I needed to head out to Pinto’s Farm in Miami, FL. What better way to spend an afternoon than surrounded by animals & loved ones. 

On our way to the farm, we told Kamilah where we were going and how excited we were for her to see all the animals. She loves animals so much, we knew she’d like it there!


We were not wrong! 

Parking was easy when we arrived. There were plenty of spots available to park for free. We were handed bracelets at the entrance, which gave us access to all attractions and went right in without any hassle.


There were several different fun things to do inside. If you ever decide to visit the farm, I’d recommend getting there with plenty of time so you can maximize all the fun to be had to the fullest. Most attractions are enjoyable by both, parents and the children. 


During our visit, we got to ride on an all-terrain tricycle and race safely on their racetrack.

We saw and interacted with several different types of animals. 

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We went on a cool paddle boat ride on their private lake. (There’s fish in there too!)


We didn’t have lunch at the farm. (We took snacks and water for Kamilah). But we did buy waters for ourselves, plus took home some avocados for $1 each, since we were one of the last ones to leave.


They offer many other things to eat and drink for purchase. 


We also took tons of pictures. It was fun!

Before exiting, we decided to tour their farm on their hayride. We loved it so much!! Kamilah was happy because she got to feed the horses.

We all fed them carrots!

Overall, our day at Pinto’s Farm was a great time!

It was HOT! I was sweating so much, but it’s Miami (We can’t expect any less).

P.S. If you decide to visit Pinto’s Farm, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram! I would love to hear about your experience!

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Xoxo 💋 

Jenny Arzola

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