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A Fun Family Day At Pinto's Farm

It was such a beautiful day this past Sunday, that a sunny blue sky was all my family & I needed to head out to Pinto’s Farm in Miami, FL. What better way to spend an afternoon than surrounded by animals & loved ones. 

On our way to the farm, we told Kamilah where we were going and how excited we were for her to see all the animals. She loves animals so much, we knew she’d like it there!

Fun Day: 'Storytime' At The Library

I took Kamilah to the library the other day & we made some beautiful memories together. We went to a public library around where we live for some story time, dancing & playing.

Of course the last thing Kamilah did was sit down and enjoy the wonderful stories the library’s staff read to all kids that showed up that day. She wasn’t the only one; They welcome kids of all ages & they’re free to roam around.

She enjoyed herself very much!