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I See Those Judgy Eyes

When a stylish mom walks into the room the fierce scanning begins.

"She must have a nanny."

"She's not up with her children all night." 

"If I had her money I'd look like that too."

"I'm not as superficial as she is."

"I'm not starving myself; it impacts the quality of my breast milk."

The point of this article is to remind you to STOP.

It’s True: Becoming a Mom Helped Me Deal with Social Anxiety

It was a blistering summer day when we moved to our new townhouse in the suburbs last year. It’s the kind of place where people watch out for one another and new neighbors come knocking just to say hi. There’s even a city park where boys play basketball until well after dark right across the street. For me, moving to a new neighborhood with a true sense of community was essential. I wanted my daughter to have the social connections that I did not have as the kid of a socially anxious parent who moved around a lot. Something put a damper in my excitement, though. The truth is, I’m socially anxious, too.

Cell Phone Contract for Kids

You read right, a cell phone contract for kids! What I love about this is that you can customize it to your liking and according to the child's age. From how much time is spent on the phone to maintaining school grades, you the parent, set the rules and boundaries!

Here are some ideas of what to include in your child's phone contract:

Self Worth: Parenting Without Disclaimers

Your positive response creates supportive energy that didn’t exist before, especially among strangers. Your reaction creates a new cycle of creating self-worth for the baby in your arms. Your commitment to this process allows you to strengthen your self-identity and your self-worth!

You are worthy of being seen! 

You don’t have to be on your A game. You have to be you!

Your brilliance, your essence, and your efforts are worth noting!